{"nodes": [{"links": ["http://www.pingbase.net", "http://www.makery.info", "http://www.laurent-malys.fr", "http://artlabo.org", "http://medialab-prado.es/"], "tags": ["PING", "artlabo", "Makery", "fabcity", "Laurent Malys"], "abstract": "Completely subjective and non-exhaustive list of friends and partners I worked or spent time with. What they do is really interesting, they all affected the way I think and work, and I have learnt a lot from them", "title": "friends and partners", "cover": "friends_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "friends and partners whose work is worth discovering", "connections": ["Julien Paris", "resources"], "date": "2016/11/21 02:32:25", "state": "na", "place": "", "images": [], "_id": {"$oid": "57fe2331dcba0f6a8b6272c6"}, "type": "category", "title_url": "friends_and_partners", "icon": "friends_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://www.plateforme-c.org", "http://github.com/JulienParis"], "tags": ["research", "computational origamis", "origami", "digital manufacturing"], "abstract": "One the things you discover having a practice in a fablab is the joy to mix research, engineering, and eventually making things. Here are some of the experimentations in digital manufacturing I am currently working on...", "title": "digital manufacturing", "cover": "digit_manuf_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "the joy of doing things with digital tools", "connections": ["Julien Paris", "skills", "Laurent Malys"], "date": "2016/11/20 16:56:15", "state": "na", "place": "", "images": ["digital_manufacturing_covers.jpg"], "_id": {"$oid": "57fe1f2bdcba0f6a8b627158"}, "type": "category", "title_url": "digital_manufacturing", "icon": "digit_manuf_icon.png"}, {"links": ["https://www.python.org"], "tags": [], "abstract": "Python is a widely used high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language.", "title": "Python", "cover": "python-logo-master-v3-TM.png", "tooltip": "open and friendly programming language", "connections": ["coding skills", "languages"], "images": [], "state": "na", "date": "2016/11/01 21:55:12", "_id": {"$oid": "581489aa79a8b704c4d7fbc4"}, "type": "reference", "title_url": "python", "icon": "python_icon.png"}, {"links": [], "tags": [], "abstract": "publication", "title": "publications", "cover": "publications_covers.jpg", "period": "2010-2014", "tooltip": "publications", "connections": ["resources", "Turkish TV"], "images": [], "state": "in development", "place": "Istanbul-Paris", "date": "2016/11/19 19:50:57", "_id": {"$oid": "5815361379a8b7210467cd7d"}, "type": "category", "title_url": "publications", "icon": "publications_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://flask.pocoo.org"], "tags": [], "abstract": "Flask is a microframework for Python based on Werkzeug, Jinja 2 and good intentions. ", "title": "Flask", "cover": "flask.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "because small is beautiful", "connections": ["coding skills"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/21 01:55:22", "_id": {"$oid": "58153bfb79a8b721c9abdbd9"}, "type": "reference", "title_url": "flask", "icon": "flask_icon.png"}, {"links": ["https://twitter.com/jparis_py"], "tags": [], "abstract": "You can find me on Twitter, even if I am not very fond of being 'active' or gesticulating on social networks ", "title": "on Twitter", "cover": "Julien_Paris_twitter.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "on Twitter", "connections": ["contact"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/02 18:16:35", "_id": {"$oid": "5815490f79a8b724233b6070"}, "type": "article", "title_url": "on_twitter", "icon": "julien_paris_twitter_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://getbootstrap.com"], "tags": [], "abstract": "Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.", "title": "bootstrap", "cover": "bootstrap.jpg", "tooltip": "Designed for everyone, everywhere.", "connections": ["coding skills"], "images": [], "state": "na", "date": "2016/11/01 21:57:57", "_id": {"$oid": "58155db979a8b725efc18f16"}, "type": "reference", "title_url": "bootstrap", "icon": "bootstrap.png"}, {"links": ["http://libviz.artlabo.org", "http://github.com/JulienParis", "https://twitter.com/jparis_py"], "tags": [], "abstract": "architect, self-taught developper, free-lance researcher, experiments in graphic design, 3D, digital manufacturing... In professional transition to become a kind of infrarchitect and seeking for fair commons economic models...", "title": "Julien Paris", "cover": "Julien_Paris.jpg", "period": "born in 1982", "tooltip": "RESEARCH, DATAVIZ AND EXPERIMENTATIONS", "connections": ["Julien Paris"], "date": "2016/12/10 12:54:53", "state": "na", "place": "", "images": ["home_cover.jpg"], "_id": {"$oid": "57fe1b10dcba0f6a8b626fd2"}, "type": "category", "title_url": "julien_paris", "icon": "julien_paris_icon.png"}, {"links": [], "tags": [], "abstract": "As many I have different skills, some are things I do since a long time, others are things I have learnt more recently. I try to be interested in different fields, usually fields having bridges from one to another : geometry, dataviz, research, communication sciences, 3D and graphic design, languages... This is perhaps my way to try to keep a humanistic mindset in an era of specialization...", "title": "skills", "cover": "skills_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "what I can do ", "connections": ["Julien Paris"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/21 13:15:53", "_id": {"$oid": "5815380b79a8b721c9abda76"}, "type": "category", "title_url": "skills", "icon": "skills_icon.png"}, {"links": [], "tags": [], "abstract": "I often - almost every day - use those resources to learn new stuff : about coding, about commons and open source, about politics, about everything mainly...", "title": "resources", "cover": "resources_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "learn new concepts and skills, or perfect them ", "connections": ["Julien Paris"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/20 15:20:43", "_id": {"$oid": "5813ffd679a8b720a6c2ea92"}, "type": "category", "title_url": "resources", "icon": "resources_icon.png"}, {"links": [], "tags": [], "abstract": "There are several fields i'm particularly interested in : cultural industries, sociology of \"creative\", commons economy, intellectual property... Each field has its own framework of references but they all have links from one to another. My interest in some of those fields could be recent or older, the main goal is to find some transversality, or at least inter disciplinarity, to all those topics of interest. ", "title": "cultural and research projects", "cover": "home_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "my research fields of interest in social sciences", "connections": ["research", "skills"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/20 16:14:25", "_id": {"$oid": "581555a179a8b725efc18d4c"}, "type": "category", "title_url": "cultural_and_research_projects", "icon": "resources_icon.png"}, {"links": [], "tags": ["Python", "Javascript", "Flask", "D3.js", "Leaflet"], "abstract": "I'm a self-taught developer. Those last 2 or 3 years I've learnt to write and use code for different purposes, such as web-scrapping, web design, analytic geometry and more...\r\nI'm mostly better using Python but I can find my way with Javascript, CSS, HTML. I also have a daily use of Git for managing versions and workflow.", "title": "coding skills", "cover": "coding_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "code skills", "connections": ["code resources", "skills"], "images": ["coding_01.jpg"], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/12/19 16:24:17", "_id": {"$oid": "58140a5a79a8b722d0e45caa"}, "type": "category", "title_url": "coding_skills", "icon": "codingskills_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://www.makery.info/en/"], "tags": [], "abstract": "A media for DiYers, full on info on labs, those of open tinkering as well as those of university fablabs. A brand new website based on experimentation. Makery is a project in perpetual beta testing, operating in DiY mode, brick by brick.", "title": "Makery", "cover": "Makery_cover.jpg", "tooltip": "A media for DiYers", "connections": ["friends and partners"], "images": [], "state": "na", "date": "2016/11/01 21:53:03", "_id": {"$oid": "5813eda879a8b71ea01256fe"}, "type": "reference", "title_url": "makery", "icon": "makery_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://medialab-prado.es"], "tags": [], "abstract": "Medialab-Prado is a citizen laboratory of production, research and bradcasting of cultural projects that explores the forms of experimentation and collaborative learning that have emerged from digital networks. It is part of the Department of Culture and Sports (former Department of Arts, Sports and Tourism) of the Madrid City Council. ", "title": "medialab Prado", "cover": "medialab_prado.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "citizen laboratory", "connections": ["friends and partners"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "Madrid", "date": "2016/11/07 04:45:22", "_id": {"$oid": "5813f96f79a8b71ff1056bf1"}, "type": "reference", "title_url": "medialab_prado", "icon": "medialab_prado_icon.png"}, {"links": ["https://d3js.org"], "tags": ["dataviz", "d3"], "abstract": "D3.js is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. D3 helps you bring data to life using HTML, SVG, and CSS. D3 s emphasis on web standards gives you the full capabilities of modern browsers without tying yourself to a proprietary framework, combining powerful visualization components and a data-driven approach to DOM manipulation.", "title": "D3.js", "cover": "D3.png", "tooltip": "Data Driven Documents", "connections": ["coding skills"], "images": [], "state": "na", "date": "2016/11/01 21:54:34", "_id": {"$oid": "5814897b79a8b704c4d7fb9c"}, "type": "reference", "title_url": "d3.js", "icon": "d3_icon.png"}, {"links": ["https://www.mongodb.com"], "tags": [], "abstract": "MongoDB (from humongous) is a free and open-source cross-platform document-oriented database program. Classified as a NoSQL database program, MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with schemas. MongoDB is developed by MongoDB Inc. and is free and open-source, published under a combination of the GNU Affero General Public License and the Apache License.", "title": "MongoDB", "cover": "MongoDB-Logo.jpg", "tooltip": "NoSQL database program", "connections": ["coding skills"], "images": [], "state": "na", "date": "2016/11/01 21:56:46", "_id": {"$oid": "5814893379a8b704c4d7fb4f"}, "type": "reference", "title_url": "mongodb", "icon": "mongodb_icon.png"}, {"links": [], "tags": [], "abstract": "graphic design", "title": "graphic design", "cover": "home_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "graphic design", "connections": ["skills"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/20 15:40:49", "_id": {"$oid": "5816dcef79a8b720e88b52e0"}, "type": "category", "title_url": "graphic_design", "icon": "graphicdesign_icon.png"}, {"links": [], "tags": [], "abstract": "Yes the other well-known proprietary software but still a good tool.", "title": "InDesign", "cover": "indesign_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "InDesign", "connections": ["graphic design", "Photoshop"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/20 22:24:09", "_id": {"$oid": "5816dd6679a8b720e88b535d"}, "type": "reference", "title_url": "indesign", "icon": "indesign_icon.png"}, {"links": [], "tags": [], "abstract": "Yes the well-known proprietary software but still a good tool.", "title": "Photoshop", "cover": "photoshop_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "Photoshop", "connections": ["graphic design"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/20 22:23:17", "_id": {"$oid": "5816dda779a8b720e88b539d"}, "type": "reference", "title_url": "photoshop", "icon": "photoshop_icon.png"}, {"links": [], "tags": [], "abstract": "level : native", "title": "french", "cover": "lg_french_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "french", "connections": ["languages"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/18 00:08:18", "_id": {"$oid": "5819354079a8b712b85a3075"}, "type": "reference", "title_url": "french", "icon": "french_icon.png"}, {"links": [], "tags": [], "abstract": "level : fluent", "title": "turkish", "cover": "lg_turkish_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "turkish", "connections": ["languages"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/18 00:09:02", "_id": {"$oid": "5819358f79a8b712b85a30c2"}, "type": "reference", "title_url": "turkish", "icon": "turk_icon.png"}, {"links": [], "tags": [], "abstract": "level : fluent", "title": "english", "cover": "lg_english_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "english", "connections": ["languages"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/18 00:07:33", "_id": {"$oid": "581935f479a8b712b85a3110"}, "type": "reference", "title_url": "english", "icon": "eng_icon.png"}, {"links": [], "tags": [], "abstract": "level : bilingual", "title": "spanish", "cover": "lg_spanish_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "spanish", "connections": ["languages"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/18 00:06:54", "_id": {"$oid": "5819363c79a8b712b85a315f"}, "type": "reference", "title_url": "spanish", "icon": "spa_icon.png"}, {"links": ["https://www.blender.org"], "tags": [], "abstract": "Blender is a the free and open source 3D creation suite. It supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline - modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, even video editing and game creation.", "title": "Blender", "cover": "blender_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "Blender", "connections": ["3D design"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/04 01:12:43", "_id": {"$oid": "58181fbb79a8b71470af6968"}, "type": "reference", "title_url": "blender", "icon": "blender_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://www.citechaillot.fr/fr/cite/action_internationale/global_award_for_sustainable_architecture/"], "tags": ["architecture", "ecology", "exhibition"], "abstract": "While I was working in Cairo for the French Cultural Center (2009-2010) I programmed and followed closely with the Cite de Chaillot, an exhibition called \"global award for sustainable architecture\". It consisted in conferences and an exhibition, both presented in Cairo and in Alexandria.", "title": "global award for sustainable architecture", "cover": "home_cover.jpg", "period": "2010", "tooltip": "exhibition and conferences on contemporary sustainable architecture", "connections": ["cultural and research projects", "curation"], "images": [], "state": "finished", "place": "Cairo-Alexandria", "date": "2016/12/10 13:00:42", "_id": {"$oid": "581556d679a8b725efc18db9"}, "type": "project", "title_url": "global_award_for_sustainable_architecture", "icon": "home.png"}, {"links": [], "tags": [], "abstract": "There is a list of the conferences on Turkish TV sector I participated to and helped to organize between France, Morroco, and Turkey.", "title": "conferences on Turkish TV sector", "cover": "turkishTVconfs_cover.jpg", "period": "2010-2014", "tooltip": "conferences on Turkish TV sector", "connections": ["publications", "research", "Turkish TV", "TV markets"], "images": [], "state": "finished", "place": "Istanbul-Rabat", "date": "2016/11/20 17:09:21", "_id": {"$oid": "581ccc5979a8b706f99a86a1"}, "type": "project", "title_url": "conferences_on_turkish_tv_sector", "icon": "turkishTVconfs_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://mlab.com"], "tags": [], "abstract": "This website and its API is written mostly in python, and JavaScript for the data visualization. The app built on top of the CMS Flask, uses d3.js (and Leaflet in the future) for data visualization, access several remote MongoDB databases via mLab, and the versioning is controlled with Git (with a private repo on GitLab). All the libraries and tools used to develop this website are open source", "title": "under the hood", "cover": "website_02.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "how does this website work ?", "connections": ["personal website", "D3.js", "Flask", "javascript", "Python"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/20 23:16:09", "_id": {"$oid": "5815434b79a8b722fa2bc252"}, "type": "article", "title_url": "under_the_hood", "icon": "julien_paris_website_icon.png"}, {"links": ["https://www.javascript.com"], "tags": ["javascript"], "abstract": "javascript is a high-level, dynamic, untyped, and interpreted programming language. It has been standardized in the ECMAScript language specification. Alongside HTML and CSS, it is one of the three core technologies of World Wide Web content production; the majority of websites employ it and it is supported by all modern Web browsers without plug-ins.", "title": "javascript", "cover": "js_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "javascript", "connections": ["coding skills", "languages"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/02 18:44:34", "_id": {"$oid": "5818221579a8b71470af69f4"}, "type": "reference", "title_url": "javascript", "icon": "js_icon.png"}, {"links": [], "tags": ["computational origami", "origami"], "abstract": "This is a long term project aiming to create a script (mostly in Python) able to unroll-develop in 2D any kind or triangulated 3D model. The goal is to simplify digital manufacturing processes radically by making possible to create 3D objects with 2D process machines as laser cutters.", "title": "Flap Lab", "cover": "flaplab.jpg", "period": "2015-2016", "tooltip": "'unroll' any triangulated 3D model to a 2D continuous crease", "connections": ["data visualization", "digital manufacturing", "research", "computational origami", "graph theory", "Blender", "grasshopper", "Python"], "images": [], "state": "in development", "place": "Istanbul-Nantes", "date": "2016/11/21 15:17:05", "_id": {"$oid": "5813f58979a8b71ed07c9222"}, "type": "project", "title_url": "flap_lab", "icon": "flaplab_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://etherpad.pingbase.net/summerlab2016-bifurcations-pro", "https://graphcommons.com/graphs/7fae0d1d-d596-493d-bb50-fb3f639142b6?auto=true", "https://app.topogram.io/topograms/9vgehYccfQ4tscWEx/view"], "tags": ["dataviz", "python"], "abstract": "During the SummerLab organized by PING in 2016 I begun this reflexion on \"professional crossroads\" : has a \"lab\" a role in changing the mindset of an individual regarding work ? What can we learn in a lab, also considering the diversity of such places ? To do so I did many interviews during those 5 days and I classified people's comments into 3+1 main fields : \"what we learn\" (in red), \"what we expect\" (in blue), \"what we bring back\" (in green), and \"what doubts\" (in yellow). Those fields are themselves subdivided in sub-categories I'll let you discover...", "title": "professional crossroads", "cover": "profesional_crossroads.jpg", "period": "2016", "tooltip": "a reflexion on how practices in fablabs are helping members of the Maker communities to redefine their careers", "connections": ["cultural and research projects", "data visualization", "research", "PING", "FabCity Dashboard"], "images": [], "state": "in development", "place": "Nantes", "date": "2016/11/20 17:19:51", "_id": {"$oid": "5813fe6c79a8b720a6c2ea7b"}, "type": "project", "title_url": "professional_crossroads", "icon": "pro_cross.png"}, {"links": ["https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Hvmjvswhno&list=PLfXKG51wk2sQeCb1JXOSRrLIzRAsPt1NX&index=1"], "tags": ["Twitter", "Django", "RabbitMQ", "Celery"], "abstract": "Tweets popping all around the world. This was one of my first experiments with Python : create an app to see the Twitter activity in real-time around the globe, and make maps from those datas. I used the Twitter API to retrieve geo-located datas in real-time, and also a Django framework and Leaflet to create maps. There was several features to see the activity either as clusters or as heat clouds. This was very fun to do but I failed (so far) in deploying the app on the server due to the complexity to set RabbitMQ and Celery on the server's side... To be continued", "title": "poptweets", "cover": "Poptweet_cover.jpg", "period": "2014", "tooltip": "an experimental tool to follow the tweetosphere activity around the globe", "connections": ["data visualization", "GIS (cartography)", "javascript", "Leaflet", "MongoDB", "Python"], "images": ["poptweets_01.jpg", "poptweets_02.jpg", "poptweets_03.jpg"], "state": "in stand by", "place": "Istanbul", "date": "2016/11/17 22:47:31", "_id": {"$oid": "581404ab79a8b720a6c2eadd"}, "type": "project", "title_url": "poptweets", "icon": "poptweets_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://fab.city", "http://fablabbcn.org/news/2016/05/12/visualizar.html"], "tags": [], "abstract": "In a Fab City, citizens are empowered to be the masters of their own destiny, their resilience is increased and a more ecological system is developed because movement of materials and energy consumption is drastically reduced. The Fab City has been initiated by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, the MIT s Center for Bits and Atoms and the Fab Foundation; it operates within the Fab Lab network, using it as a global infrastructure and knowledge source for the radical transformation on how we work, live and play in cities.", "title": "FabCities BCN", "cover": "FabCity_BCN_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": " A NEW URBAN MODEL FOR LOCALLY PRODUCTIVE AND GLOBALLY CONNECTED SELF SUFFICIENT CITIES", "connections": ["friends and partners", "contributive economy", "FabCity Dashboard"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "Barcelona", "date": "2016/11/07 04:46:02", "_id": {"$oid": "5815424579a8b722fa2bc1f4"}, "type": "reference", "title_url": "fabcities_bcn", "icon": "fabcity_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://libviz.artlabo.org", "http://github.com/JulienParis", "http://www.pingbase.net/evenement/forumcamp"], "tags": ["dataviz", "d3"], "abstract": "This project is the result of a collaboration between PING, Artlabo, and Champ des possibles. The app I coded retrieve bibliographic references from Zotero's API and display them as interactive graphs. The idea consists in showing references as networks, and make more visible the complexity of scientific controversies.\r\nThis project is now a part (but not only) of Aliens in Green / Forum Camp project by PING and Champ des possibles : a critical project on endocrine pertubators.", "title": "Libviz", "cover": "LibViz_cover.jpg", "period": "2016", "tooltip": "datavisualization of bibliographical references", "connections": ["artistic experiments", "data visualization", "on Github and GitLab", "bootstrap", "D3.js", "Flask", "javascript", "PING", "Python"], "images": ["libviz_00.jpg", "libviz_01.jpg", "libviz_02.jpg", "libviz_03.jpg"], "state": "in development", "place": "Nantes-Paris", "date": "2016/11/20 21:44:28", "_id": {"$oid": "5813ef2579a8b71ebba968cc"}, "type": "project", "title_url": "libviz", "icon": "libviz_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://www.ccemx.org/descargas/files/Memoriaderevitalizacion.pdf"], "tags": [], "abstract": "While working in Mexico for the Spanish Cultural Center (part of the Spanish Embassy in Mexico), my mission as to follow and organize an event about contemporary architecture in patrimonial centers. I proposed to design this event including several activities : exhibition, conferences and book edition on contemporary architecture and heritage", "title": "contemporary architecture and heritage", "cover": "revitalizacion.jpg", "period": "2008-2009", "tooltip": "contemporary architecture and heritage", "connections": ["curation", "cultural and research projects", "InDesign"], "images": [], "state": "finished", "place": "Mexico DF", "date": "2016/11/17 22:35:34", "_id": {"$oid": "5815572379a8b725efc18df1"}, "type": "project", "title_url": "contemporary_architecture_and_heritage", "icon": "revitalizacion.png"}, {"links": [], "tags": [], "abstract": "This website has an API (Application Program Interface), allowing to easily access the database contents.", "title": "API", "cover": "api_cover.jpg", "period": "2016", "tooltip": "Application Program Interface (API) of this website", "connections": ["data visualization", "personal website", "Flask", "MongoDB"], "images": [], "state": "in development", "place": "Nantes", "date": "2016/11/18 00:33:08", "_id": {"$oid": "581409f679a8b722d0e45c89"}, "type": "project", "title_url": "api", "icon": "api_icon.png"}, {"links": ["https://inkscape.org/en/"], "tags": ["open source"], "abstract": "Inkscape is a free and open-source vector graphics editor; it can be used to create or edit vector graphics such as illustrations, diagrams, line arts, charts, logos and complex paintings", "title": "Inkscape", "cover": "inkscape_icon.png", "period": "", "tooltip": "Open source vector graphics editor", "connections": ["graphic design"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/07 14:12:01", "_id": {"$oid": "58207b1079a8b703cd3ee286"}, "type": "reference", "title_url": "inkscape", "icon": "inkscape_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://etherpad.pingbase.net/recherche-action-Fab14", "http://medialab-prado.es/article/agenda-visualizar16", "http://www.makery.info/2016/10/11/dix-jours-pour-visualiser-les-villes-ouvertes-a-madrid/", "http://www.makery.info/2016/11/08/fabcity-dashboard-pour-les-labs-daujourdhui-et-les-villes-de-demain/", "http://etherpad.pingbase.net/fabcity-dashboard-grand-paris"], "tags": ["urban resilience", "open data"], "abstract": "Proposed by the FabLab Barcelona at Visualizar 2016, this project aims to create a tool for labs and local governments around the world. Its main challenge is to use and cross open datas from both fields and evaluate labs' impact on urban resilience. Such a tool/project raises many questions : which indicators are legitimate to use ? how to homogenize datas from local to global scale ? what are the purposes of this tool, for which audience ?", "title": "FabCity Dashboard", "cover": "FabCity_proto_map.png", "period": "2016", "tooltip": "a dashboard to evaluate the impact of the fablabs on urban resilience", "connections": ["cultural and research projects", "curation", "data visualization", "GIS (cartography)", "research", "on Github and GitLab", "javascript", "Leaflet", "Makery", "medialab Prado", "MongoDB", "PING", "Python"], "images": [], "state": "in development", "place": "Madrid-Nantes-Paris", "date": "2016/12/07 16:17:46", "_id": {"$oid": "5813f10179a8b71ed07c91e0"}, "type": "project", "title_url": "fabcity_dashboard", "icon": "fabcity_dashboard_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://devam.hypotheses.org"], "tags": ["Turkey"], "abstract": "I worked for a while on Turkish television industry, from the cultural industry theories point of view. This research was the backbone of a PhD (I didn't finished). I lived and worked in Istanbul for almost 4 years, and met many TV professionals. Doing so I've learnt a lot about cultural industries mechanisms and begun to gather big amounts of datas. I had to learn how to manage datas and this is the reason I also started to code.", "title": "Turkish TV", "cover": "turkishTV_cover.jpg", "period": "2010-2014", "tooltip": "Media market & TV industry in Turkey", "connections": ["research", "LabSIC"], "images": ["turkishTV_01.jpg"], "state": "finished", "place": "Istanbul-Paris", "date": "2016/11/19 19:13:06", "_id": {"$oid": "5813f7bc79a8b71ff1056bdd"}, "type": "project", "title_url": "turkish_tv", "icon": "turkishTV_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://lecarnetdeparis.free.fr"], "tags": ["night life"], "abstract": "I happened to make photography, and occasionally did an exhibition in Lyon long ago. It was a work mainly focused on nightlife and the blurring of some spatial frontiers while the city is dark : the inside of shops becoming a part of the streets, the corners fading into one big landscape where geometry is dissolving itself.", "title": "photographic works", "cover": "exhibition_julien_covers.jpg", "period": "2005-2007", "tooltip": "exhibitions", "connections": ["artistic experiments", "Photoshop"], "images": [], "state": "finished", "place": "Paris-Lyon", "date": "2016/11/17 14:22:48", "_id": {"$oid": "5813f05079a8b71ed07c91c5"}, "type": "project", "title_url": "photographic_works", "icon": "exhibition_julien_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://etherpad.pingbase.net/pilemicrobienne", "http://www.engr.psu.edu/ce/enve/logan/", "http://www.engr.psu.edu/ce/enve/logan/bioenergy/research_mfc.htm", "http://www.engr.psu.edu/ce/enve/logan/bioenergy/mfc_make_cell.htm"], "tags": ["biology", "ecology", "biolab"], "abstract": "This project is very experimental and aims to produce electricity from natural degradation of organic matter by bacterias. The process is known and documented but have problems scaling. Based on the architecture of hydrogen fuel cells I try - combined with latest papers on MFCs - to figure out a design for a cheap, efficient, and open source microbial fuel cell. Still a long way to go... Any help is welcome", "title": "microbial fuel cell", "cover": "MFC-C6-flat-exploded.jpg", "period": "2016", "tooltip": "transform bacteries and microbial energy into electricity", "connections": ["digital manufacturing", "research", "PING"], "images": [], "state": "in development", "place": "Nantes", "date": "2016/11/21 02:31:29", "_id": {"$oid": "5813f01879a8b71ed07c91b9"}, "type": "project", "title_url": "microbial_fuel_cell", "icon": "mfc_icon.png"}, {"links": ["https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graph_theory", "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minimum_spanning_tree"], "tags": [], "abstract": "Not being a real mathematician the maths under graph theory/ies are fascinating to me. But those maths are essential to understand networks, from web networks, databases, geometry and much more...", "title": "graph theory", "cover": "graphtheory_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "maths, algorithms and graph theory", "connections": ["resources"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/20 14:49:08", "_id": {"$oid": "5815599b79a8b725efc18e9d"}, "type": "article", "title_url": "graph_theory", "icon": "graphtheory_icon.png"}, {"links": [], "tags": [], "abstract": "Since 2008 I helped and sometimes designed from scratch some exhibitions. In Lyon, Mexico DF, or Cairo. This works implies thinking of the esthetic side of such projects, but also planning the communication, the partnerships, the budget, the follow-up... ", "title": "curation", "cover": "curation.png", "period": "", "tooltip": "design, organize and realize exhibitions", "connections": ["Julien Paris", "skills"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/20 16:33:41", "_id": {"$oid": "5815569379a8b725efc18d82"}, "type": "category", "title_url": "curation", "icon": "curation_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://www.pingbase.net"], "tags": ["PING"], "abstract": "PiNG is a Nantes association which was founded in 2004. Its mission? To question the digital world in which we live, and explore it in both theory and practice.\r\n\r\nHow has digital technology changed our society? What has its impact been on our environment, our way of living, our thinking, our creativity? How can we promote the free circulation of ideas and knowledge in this sometimes enigmatic realm?\r\n\r\nWhether you are a curious citizen, or an avowed geek, PiNG invites you to join its encounters of discovery, practice, and exchange, with the aim of re-appropriating the technologies which surround us.", "title": "PING", "cover": "ping_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "citizen-oriented association questionning the digital world we're living in", "connections": ["friends and partners"], "date": "2016/11/17 14:42:49", "state": "na", "place": "Nantes", "images": [], "_id": {"$oid": "57fedc7cf36d28111031b49f"}, "type": "reference", "title_url": "ping", "icon": "ping_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://devam.hypotheses.org"], "tags": ["research"], "abstract": "I like doing research, either in social sciences field or programmation : it is a good intellectual hygiene and helps you organize your thoughts, stay open to new ideas or concepts, meet lot of various people, you have to share what you know to improve, and you learn a lot during the process. There are some of the fields I'm interested into with a researcher mindset : dataviz, cultural industries, analytic and parametric geometry...", "title": "research", "cover": "turkishTVmarket_03.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "research works and publications", "connections": ["Julien Paris", "resources", "skills"], "date": "2016/11/21 15:07:40", "state": "na", "place": "", "images": ["research_01.jpg", "research_02.jpg"], "_id": {"$oid": "57fe1e02dcba0f6a8b6270d6"}, "type": "category", "title_url": "research", "icon": "research_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://lecarnetdeparis.free.fr"], "tags": ["artistic", "photography", "drawings"], "abstract": "I've begun to experiment with some materials and ideas such as : stencils and photographs, engravings, artistic data visualisation...", "title": "artistic experiments", "cover": "aliensingreen_covers.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "some artistic-like experiments", "connections": ["curation", "Julien Paris", "skills"], "date": "2016/11/20 21:26:09", "state": "na", "place": "", "images": [], "_id": {"$oid": "57fe2103dcba0f6a8b6271d3"}, "type": "category", "title_url": "artistic_experiments", "icon": "art_icon.png"}, {"links": ["https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfXKG51wk2sSYQj5GaAhtWR0K1Kv7kY8V"], "tags": [], "abstract": "There are some links to videos I find interesting on various topics as : commons history and economy, origamis and analytic geometry, coding...", "title": "videos", "cover": "videos_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "links to video resources", "connections": ["resources"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/17 23:03:18", "_id": {"$oid": "581401a879a8b720a6c2eac3"}, "type": "article", "title_url": "videos", "icon": "videos_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://labsic.univ-paris13.fr"], "tags": [], "abstract": "Analysis of the cultural and media industries is central to the research carried out at LabSIC, and is what made its reputation on the national and international levels. There are three complementary themes which, while not pursued on a team basis, nor subject to compartmentalisation, give structure and coherence to the laboratory's activities. This organisational approach allows researchers to work in one or other of the three areas, in collective programmes that result from appeals for projects or from individual initiatives. And it has proved adaptable to new objects of study, e.g. the educational and creative industries, the illustrated magazine sector and digital platforms for museums.", "title": "LabSIC", "cover": "labsic_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "Information and Communication Sciences Laboratory - University Paris 13", "connections": ["friends and partners"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "Paris", "date": "2016/11/17 15:15:38", "_id": {"$oid": "5814885779a8b704c4d7fb29"}, "type": "reference", "title_url": "labsic", "icon": "labsic_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://leafletjs.com"], "tags": [], "abstract": "Leaflet is designed with simplicity, performance and usability in mind. It works efficiently across all major desktop and mobile platforms, can be extended with lots of plugins, has a beautiful, easy to use and well-documented API and a simple, readable source code that is a joy to contribute to", "title": "Leaflet", "cover": "leaflet.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "an open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps", "connections": ["coding skills"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/17 15:17:01", "_id": {"$oid": "5814b43079a8b70c77f8a71c"}, "type": "reference", "title_url": "leaflet", "icon": "leaflet.png"}, {"links": ["https://www.codecademy.com", "https://www.youtube.com/user/sentdex", "https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-QDfvrRIDB6F0bIO4I4HkQ"], "tags": [], "abstract": "Code is everywhere, it is the language we use every day through our devices. But using and knowing are very different, and code illiteracy could create a large gap between populations in the future. There are some links to websites or videos helping a lot with learning the basics of programming. I am totally self-taught in coding and those resources were and still are more than precious when you start such a journey into the foreign territory that is coding.", "title": "code resources", "cover": "coding_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "tools to learn or perfect coding skills", "connections": ["resources"], "images": ["coding_01.jpg"], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/20 17:12:54", "_id": {"$oid": "581407dd79a8b722d0e45c4c"}, "type": "category", "title_url": "code_resources", "icon": "coding_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://www.laurent-malys.fr"], "tags": [], "abstract": "Engineer, researcher, maker, musician, Laurent develops various projects at the interface between art, science and technology, free culture and DIY, which go from the web to audiovisual performance through installation and manufacturing.", "title": "Laurent Malys", "cover": "laurent_malys_cover_.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "Laurent Malys", "connections": ["friends and partners", "PING"], "images": ["laurent_malys_cover.jpg", "laurent_malys_projet.jpg"], "state": "na", "place": "Nantes", "date": "2016/11/18 00:52:08", "_id": {"$oid": "581799ff79a8b7035d05a29b"}, "type": "reference", "title_url": "laurent_malys", "icon": "laurent_malys_icon.png"}, {"links": ["https://github.com/JulienParis", "https://gitlab.com/Julien_P", "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVsySz-h9r4"], "tags": ["github"], "abstract": "As many I (recently) begun to learn using Gt and opened an account on Github and GitLab in order to share the source code of the projects I participate to (mainly apps). Git and GitHub could be challenging at the beginning, but are very useful for collaborative work. I also use GitLab to store and work on projects needing private repositories", "title": "on Github and GitLab", "cover": "Julien_Paris_github_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "shared projects and code on Github", "connections": ["contact"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/17 15:39:24", "_id": {"$oid": "581a20e979a8b71329091bb4"}, "type": "article", "title_url": "on_github_and_gitlab", "icon": "julien_paris_github_icon.png"}, {"links": [], "tags": ["blender", "rhino3D", "grasshopper"], "abstract": "What I preferred during my architecture career was to design in space : to draw in 2D, think in 3D. Even if I currently don't work in an architecture agency, I still kept a deep interest in 3D shapes, functions, and geometry", "title": "3D design", "cover": "home_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "drawing stuff in 3D space", "connections": ["coding skills", "graphic design", "skills"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/20 15:49:06", "_id": {"$oid": "581815c979a8b71470af64ee"}, "type": "category", "title_url": "3d_design", "icon": "3Ddesign_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://www.opengovpartnership.org", "http://www.data.gouv.fr/fr/", "http://www.insee.fr/fr/bases-de-donnees/default.asp?page=open-data/open-data-utilisation.htm", "http://www.etalab.gouv.fr"], "tags": [], "abstract": "The term \"open data\" could be seen as a trend, used by politicians or start-uppers to sell empty ideas. But there are also many uses and tools to invent to redefine local empowerment, democracy, or policies transparency. ", "title": "open data", "cover": "opendata_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "uses and creation of shared and open datas ", "connections": ["resources", "contributive economy"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/20 14:33:08", "_id": {"$oid": "581400e879a8b720a6c2eaaa"}, "type": "article", "title_url": "open_data", "icon": "opendata_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://fablabo.net/wiki/CNC-MDX20"], "tags": [], "abstract": "I tried to engrave wood with the precision milling machine Roland Modela machine MDX-20. The goal was to mix new and old technologies to realize multi-colors printings with a hand press. This project evolved quite a lot due to precision matters, and will continue with similar process but as a stamp engraving instead of hand-press process", "title": "engraving", "cover": "digital_manufacturing_covers.jpg", "period": "2015-2016", "tooltip": "tests of engraving with the Roland Modela", "connections": ["artistic experiments", "digital manufacturing"], "images": [], "state": "in development", "place": "Nantes", "date": "2016/11/21 02:20:27", "_id": {"$oid": "5813f43079a8b71ed07c91ef"}, "type": "project", "title_url": "engraving", "icon": "digit_manuf.png"}, {"links": ["http://www.grasshopper3d.com"], "tags": [], "abstract": "Grasshopper is a graphical algorithm editor tightly integrated with Rhino's 3-D modeling tools. Unlike RhinoScript, Grasshopper requires no knowledge of programming or scripting, but still allows designers to build form generators from the simple to the awe-inspiring.", "title": "grasshopper", "cover": "grasshopper_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "grasshopper", "connections": ["3D design", "coding skills", "Python"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/18 01:20:12", "_id": {"$oid": "5819438e79a8b712b85a329e"}, "type": "reference", "title_url": "grasshopper", "icon": "grasshopper_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://libviz.artlabo.org", "http://github.com/JulienParis"], "tags": ["dataviz", "d3"], "abstract": "Any contemporary website is using databases, where datas are gathered from very different sources. Data could be text, numbers, dates, lists, etc... Nowadays you can access many datas from many sources, and the complexity of such information tends to increase. Data visualization aims to give some readability to this information, making some sense from complex raw data matters. It could be in the form of graphs, charts, texts, or else. The final goal of data visualization is not only to generate forms from datas, but to allow simultaneously to display, interact, and explore datasets. Data visualization is not a science per say, but is as user-oriented as craftwork could be. ", "title": "data visualization", "cover": "dataviz_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "display and interact with datas", "connections": ["coding skills", "Julien Paris", "research", "skills", "D3.js", "javascript", "Leaflet", "MongoDB", "Python"], "date": "2016/11/20 17:15:39", "state": "in development", "place": "", "images": ["dataviz_01.jpg", "dataviz_02.jpg"], "_id": {"$oid": "57fe1d54dcba0f6a8b627081"}, "type": "category", "title_url": "data_visualization", "icon": "dataviz_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://udig.refractions.net", "http://www.qgis.org/fr/site/", "https://www.gislounge.com/open-source-gis-applications/"], "tags": ["GIS", "uDig"], "abstract": "At the crossroad of data visualization and cartography you'll find the GIS (Geographic Information Systems). I started to use this family of tools in Istanbul during my research on audiovisual industry and its urban industrial clusters. Before many of those tools were proprietary, expensive and complicated to learn or use. Nowadays you can find several free and open source solutions (like uDig, QGIS, or Leaflet for instance). It is a powerful family of tools, in terms of fundamental research first, but also in terms of communication. ", "title": "GIS (cartography)", "cover": "FabCity_proto_map.png", "period": "", "tooltip": "Geographic Information System ", "connections": ["graphic design", "skills"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/20 16:13:47", "_id": {"$oid": "5815543679a8b725efc18d17"}, "type": "category", "title_url": "gis_(cartography)", "icon": "gis_icon.png"}, {"links": ["https://www.dropbox.com/s/t1o8vm0bcqwosb5/CV_2016_Julien%20PARIS_fr_.pdf?dl=0"], "tags": [], "abstract": "I have several formations : architect (DPLG) diploma, master 2 pro in political sciences, professional experience in cultural projects design and cultural projects management, academic researcher. More details downloading my CV in pdf below", "title": "CV", "cover": "home_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "curriculum vitae", "connections": ["contact", "Julien Paris"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/17 17:11:31", "_id": {"$oid": "5813f09779a8b71ed07c91d2"}, "type": "article", "title_url": "cv", "icon": "julien_paris_icon.png"}, {"links": ["https://p2pfoundation.net", "http://arsindustrialis.org", "https://rsa.revues.org/1499", "http://ec.europa.eu/growth/single-market/strategy/collaborative-economy_en", "https://creativecommons.org", "https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.html", "http://www.pingbase.net/clibre"], "tags": [], "abstract": "The \"Commons goods\" are very old concept in law, and evolved (it would be more appropriate to say shrinked) a lot in 3 centuries due to industrialization, fordism, capitalism, and automatisation with digital technologies. Many commodities considered then as a property of all were appropriated by private sectors by several means (new property rights, IP, patents). Still, many of the inventions, scientific knowledge and softwares we use daily nowadays were possible because they were \"given\" to the global community. The problem we face today is that \"invention\" is not anymore something only industry or universities could produce or afford, thanks to global networks (web or other) creation and invention became more agile and more collaborative. Meanwhile the juridical framework only benefits institutions or big players. Here are some links to discover some of the reflexions (E. Ostrom, M. Bauwens, L. Maurel ) on history of commons and how there could exist a fairer model for redistribution of value to those really inventing the world of tomorrow and choosing to share their work.", "title": "contributive economy", "cover": "collabeco_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "towards a fairer economy for producers of common goods and knowledge", "connections": ["resources"], "images": ["collabeco_02.jpg", "collabeco_01.jpg", "collabeco_03.jpg"], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/20 14:26:13", "_id": {"$oid": "58191bcc79a8b70bbd30522b"}, "type": "article", "title_url": "contributive_economy", "icon": "contribeco_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://www.plateforme-c.org", "http://pingbase.net"], "tags": [], "abstract": "Nantes citizen fablabPlatform C is a fablab, a collaborative digital fabrication and rapid prototyping workshop in which it is possible to manufacture \"almost anything\". It brings together a set of CNC machines (3D printers, vinyl cutting, laser cutting, digital milling, etc.) as well as standard mechanical and electronic tools.\r\n\r\nPlatform C is open to all: do-it-yourselfers, designers, curious, artists, developers, students, etc. Anyone, whatever their level of knowledge is, can exchange, experiment, learn, make or repair any type of object (technical prototype, furniture, artistic object or design, interactive object, etc.).", "title": "Plateforme C", "cover": "digital_manufacturing_covers.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "Nantes citizen fablab", "connections": ["digital manufacturing", "friends and partners", "computational origami", "engraving", "Flap Lab", "Laurent Malys", "PING"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/21 02:13:12", "_id": {"$oid": "5820822879a8b703cd3ee54d"}, "type": "reference", "title_url": "plateforme_c", "icon": "plateforme_c_icon.png"}, {"links": [], "tags": ["portfolio"], "abstract": "I wrote this website to give a complete panorama of my topics of interest, my skills, my environment, and the resources I use. The work doing this website is also a brick in the development of another projects, particularly very close to the FabCity Dashboard project : the architecture I designed for this portfolio ( Flask + D3 + external MongoDB + API ) is something I think could be reused for bigger scales as a CMS for open data generating/consuming organizations", "title": "personal website", "cover": "website_02.jpg", "period": "2016", "tooltip": "my portfolio", "connections": ["data visualization", "bootstrap", "D3.js", "Flask", "javascript", "MongoDB", "FabCity Dashboard"], "images": ["website_00.jpg", "website_01.jpg", "website_03.jpg"], "state": "in development", "place": "Nantes", "date": "2016/11/20 22:10:23", "_id": {"$oid": "5813fddf79a8b720a6c2ea65"}, "type": "project", "title_url": "personal_website", "icon": "julien_paris_website_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://www.pingbase.net"], "tags": [], "abstract": "PING : for providing a extraordinary work and research environment\r\n// Flask : nice flexible and minimal CMS \r\n// D3.js by Mike Bostock : dataviz finally accessible for noobs \r\n// Damlacim : sevgilim ve en yakin arkadasim", "title": "credits", "cover": "julien_paris_website_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "thanks goes to...", "connections": ["personal website"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/17 18:55:52", "_id": {"$oid": "5815392b79a8b721c9abdafb"}, "type": "article", "title_url": "credits", "icon": "julien_paris_website_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://www.pingbase.net/evenement/forumcamp", "http://www.spelapetric.org"], "tags": ["biohacking", "endocrine pertubators", "hormones extraction"], "abstract": "A participative critical theater project mixing performance, hormones extraction, controversies about artificial substances, endocrine pertubators... No spoilers.\r\nPerformance by bio-artists Spela Petric and Mary Maggic // written by Ewen Chardonnet, ... , and Xavier ... and my help. ", "title": "Aliens in green", "cover": "aliensingreen_covers.jpg", "period": "2016-2017", "tooltip": "participative theater", "connections": ["artistic experiments", "Libviz", "PING"], "images": ["aliensingreen_01.jpg", "aliensingreen_02.jpg", "aliensingreen_03.jpg"], "state": "in development", "place": "Nantes-Berlin", "date": "2016/11/20 21:29:05", "_id": {"$oid": "582e016879a8b70a40de66d8"}, "type": "project", "title_url": "aliens_in_green", "icon": "aliensingreen_icon.png"}, {"links": ["http://erikdemaine.org", "https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/electrical-engineering-and-computer-science/6-849-geometric-folding-algorithms-linkages-origami-polyhedra-fall-2012/", "http://www.curvedfolding.com/profile/TomohiroTachi", "http://www.langorigami.com", "http://www.tsg.ne.jp/TT/"], "tags": ["origami", "algorithms"], "abstract": "Origamis are an old tradition in Japan, but also became a very fascinating field of fundamental research in geometry, mathematics, and also architecture those last decades. This topic is at the crossroad of graph theory, geometry, topology, algorithmic, and much more (biology, chemistry, robotics...). I engage anyone interested in this topic to discover the amazing work of Erik Demaine from MIT.", "title": "computational origami", "cover": "comput_origami.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "origamis, algorithms and analytic geometry", "connections": ["resources", "code resources"], "images": ["computorigami_01.jpg"], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/20 14:43:06", "_id": {"$oid": "581559d779a8b725efc18ed9"}, "type": "article", "title_url": "computational_origami", "icon": "computorigami_icon.png"}, {"links": [], "tags": [], "abstract": "I can speak four languages : french, english, spanish, turkish. I also try to improve my skills in coding languages : Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS.", "title": "languages", "cover": "lg_all_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "foreign or coding languages I use", "connections": ["skills"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/11/20 16:19:59", "_id": {"$oid": "581543b479a8b722fa2bc283"}, "type": "category", "title_url": "languages", "icon": "languages_icon.png"}, {"links": [], "tags": [], "abstract": "TV markets", "title": "TV markets", "cover": "turkishTVmarket_cover.jpg", "period": "2010-2014", "tooltip": "TV markets", "connections": ["GIS (cartography)", "publications", "research", "Turkish TV"], "images": ["turkishTVmarket_01.jpg", "turkishTVmarket_02.jpg"], "state": "finished", "place": "Istanbul-Paris", "date": "2016/11/20 17:00:16", "_id": {"$oid": "5815369079a8b721937017e9"}, "type": "project", "title_url": "tv_markets", "icon": "turkishTVmarket_icon.png"}, {"links": [], "tags": [], "abstract": "The opinions and contents of this website are personal and only engage the sole point of view of Julien Paris, the author. Contact : +33 (0) 6 83 65 84 91 // jparis.py(at)gmail.com // SIRET : 822 968 699 00014 // URSSAF : registred as \"auteur scientifique\" // website hosted on Digital Ocean", "title": "legal mentions", "cover": "home_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "legal disclosure", "connections": ["contact"], "images": [], "state": "na", "place": "", "date": "2016/12/09 14:47:44", "_id": {"$oid": "5813f51979a8b71ed07c9210"}, "type": "article", "title_url": "legal_mentions", "icon": "home.png"}, {"links": ["http://github.com/JulienParis"], "tags": ["contact"], "abstract": "Contact : +33 (0) 6 83 65 84 91 // jparis.py(at)gmail.com // SIRET : 822 968 699 00014 // URSSAF : registred as \"auteur scientifique\"", "title": "contact", "cover": "home_cover.jpg", "period": "", "tooltip": "how to contact me", "connections": ["Julien Paris"], "date": "2016/11/20 23:50:59", "state": "na", "place": "", "images": [], "_id": {"$oid": "57fe1bc5dcba0f6a8b626fe8"}, "type": "category", "title_url": "contact", "icon": "home.png"}, {"links": ["http://hydroviz.fr", "http://www.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/Concours-de-data-visualisation-sur.html", "http://gitlab.com/Julien_P/concours_pesticides"], "tags": ["pollution", "groundwater", "pesticides", "open source"], "abstract": "Dataviz of 1044 chemical pesticides between 2007 and 2014 measured on +13000 stations... Using Jupyter, Pandas, Geopandas, Flask, Leaflet, D3 and much more...", "title": "Underground water pollution", "cover": "hydroviz_cover.jpg", "period": "2017", "tooltip": "dataviz and carto ", "connections": ["data visualization", "GIS (cartography)", "research", "open data", "bootstrap", "D3.js", "Flask", "javascript", "Leaflet", "Python"], "images": [], "state": "finished", "place": "Nantes-France", "date": "2017/09/05 19:21:43", "_id": {"$oid": "5863d25fdea0ca132cc20056"}, "type": "project", "title_url": "underground_water_pollution", "icon": "hydroviz.png"}, {"art_id": "5813fe6c79a8b720a6c2ea7b", "text": "the help of Jean Baptiste Labrune was crucial and impulsed lot of ideas from the very beginning of this work", "connections": ["professional crossroads"], "user": "Julien", "date": "2016/11/17 19:56:10", "_id": {"$oid": "582dfd4a79a8b70a40de64fa"}, "type": "comment", "icon": "comment_icon.png"}, {"art_id": "58140a5a79a8b722d0e45caa", "text": "not knowing basic concept of code seems as important to me than not knowing the alphabet", "connections": ["coding skills"], "user": "Julien", "date": "2016/11/17 19:59:43", "_id": {"$oid": "582dfe1f79a8b70a40de6599"}, "type": "comment", "icon": "comment_icon.png"}, {"art_id": "5813f58979a8b71ed07c9222", "text": "I dream about finishing this project, it really could be game-changing in architecture and 3D manufacturing", "connections": ["Flap Lab"], "user": "Julien", "date": "2016/11/17 20:17:04", "_id": {"$oid": "582e023079a8b70a40de677c"}, "type": "comment", "icon": "comment_icon.png"}], "links": [{"target": 7, "target_id": {"$oid": "57fe1b10dcba0f6a8b626fd2"}, "source": 0, "source_id": {"$oid": "57fe2331dcba0f6a8b6272c6"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94edea0ca3f74a91dd5"}, "link_type": ["category", "category"]}, {"target": 9, "target_id": {"$oid": "5813ffd679a8b720a6c2ea92"}, "source": 0, "source_id": {"$oid": "57fe2331dcba0f6a8b6272c6"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94edea0ca3f74a91dd6"}, "link_type": ["category", "category"]}, {"target": 7, "target_id": {"$oid": "57fe1b10dcba0f6a8b626fd2"}, "source": 1, "source_id": {"$oid": "57fe1f2bdcba0f6a8b627158"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94edea0ca3f74a91dd7"}, "link_type": ["category", "category"]}, {"target": 8, "target_id": {"$oid": "5815380b79a8b721c9abda76"}, "source": 1, "source_id": {"$oid": "57fe1f2bdcba0f6a8b627158"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94edea0ca3f74a91dd8"}, "link_type": ["category", "category"]}, {"target": 49, "target_id": {"$oid": "581799ff79a8b7035d05a29b"}, "source": 1, "source_id": {"$oid": "57fe1f2bdcba0f6a8b627158"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94edea0ca3f74a91dd9"}, "link_type": ["category", "reference"]}, {"target": 11, "target_id": {"$oid": "58140a5a79a8b722d0e45caa"}, "source": 2, "source_id": {"$oid": "581489aa79a8b704c4d7fbc4"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94edea0ca3f74a91dda"}, "link_type": ["reference", "category"]}, {"target": 64, "target_id": {"$oid": "581543b479a8b722fa2bc283"}, "source": 2, "source_id": {"$oid": "581489aa79a8b704c4d7fbc4"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94edea0ca3f74a91ddb"}, "link_type": ["reference", "category"]}, {"target": 9, "target_id": {"$oid": "5813ffd679a8b720a6c2ea92"}, "source": 3, "source_id": {"$oid": "5815361379a8b7210467cd7d"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94edea0ca3f74a91ddc"}, "link_type": ["category", "category"]}, {"target": 37, "target_id": {"$oid": "5813f7bc79a8b71ff1056bdd"}, "source": 3, "source_id": {"$oid": "5815361379a8b7210467cd7d"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94edea0ca3f74a91ddd"}, "link_type": ["category", "project"]}, {"target": 11, "target_id": {"$oid": "58140a5a79a8b722d0e45caa"}, "source": 4, "source_id": {"$oid": "58153bfb79a8b721c9abdbd9"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94edea0ca3f74a91dde"}, "link_type": ["reference", "category"]}, {"target": 67, "target_id": {"$oid": "57fe1bc5dcba0f6a8b626fe8"}, "source": 5, "source_id": {"$oid": "5815490f79a8b724233b6070"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94edea0ca3f74a91ddf"}, "link_type": ["article", "category"]}, {"target": 11, "target_id": {"$oid": "58140a5a79a8b722d0e45caa"}, "source": 6, "source_id": {"$oid": "58155db979a8b725efc18f16"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94edea0ca3f74a91de0"}, "link_type": ["reference", "category"]}, {"target": 7, "target_id": {"$oid": "57fe1b10dcba0f6a8b626fd2"}, "source": 7, "source_id": {"$oid": "57fe1b10dcba0f6a8b626fd2"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94edea0ca3f74a91de1"}, "link_type": ["category", "category"]}, {"target": 7, "target_id": {"$oid": "57fe1b10dcba0f6a8b626fd2"}, "source": 8, "source_id": {"$oid": "5815380b79a8b721c9abda76"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94edea0ca3f74a91de2"}, "link_type": ["category", "category"]}, {"target": 7, "target_id": {"$oid": "57fe1b10dcba0f6a8b626fd2"}, "source": 9, "source_id": {"$oid": "5813ffd679a8b720a6c2ea92"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94edea0ca3f74a91de3"}, "link_type": ["category", "category"]}, {"target": 43, "target_id": {"$oid": "57fe1e02dcba0f6a8b6270d6"}, "source": 10, "source_id": {"$oid": "581555a179a8b725efc18d4c"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94edea0ca3f74a91de4"}, "link_type": ["category", "category"]}, {"target": 8, "target_id": {"$oid": "5815380b79a8b721c9abda76"}, "source": 10, "source_id": {"$oid": "581555a179a8b725efc18d4c"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94edea0ca3f74a91de5"}, "link_type": ["category", "category"]}, {"target": 48, "target_id": {"$oid": "581407dd79a8b722d0e45c4c"}, "source": 11, "source_id": {"$oid": "58140a5a79a8b722d0e45caa"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94edea0ca3f74a91de6"}, "link_type": ["category", "category"]}, {"target": 8, "target_id": {"$oid": "5815380b79a8b721c9abda76"}, "source": 11, "source_id": {"$oid": "58140a5a79a8b722d0e45caa"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94edea0ca3f74a91de7"}, "link_type": ["category", "category"]}, {"target": 0, "target_id": {"$oid": "57fe2331dcba0f6a8b6272c6"}, "source": 12, "source_id": {"$oid": "5813eda879a8b71ea01256fe"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94edea0ca3f74a91de8"}, "link_type": ["reference", "category"]}, {"target": 0, "target_id": {"$oid": "57fe2331dcba0f6a8b6272c6"}, "source": 13, "source_id": 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"link_type": ["article", "project"]}, {"target": 14, "target_id": {"$oid": "5814897b79a8b704c4d7fb9c"}, "source": 26, "source_id": {"$oid": "5815434b79a8b722fa2bc252"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91dfc"}, "link_type": ["article", "reference"]}, {"target": 4, "target_id": {"$oid": "58153bfb79a8b721c9abdbd9"}, "source": 26, "source_id": {"$oid": "5815434b79a8b722fa2bc252"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91dfd"}, "link_type": ["article", "reference"]}, {"target": 27, "target_id": {"$oid": "5818221579a8b71470af69f4"}, "source": 26, "source_id": {"$oid": "5815434b79a8b722fa2bc252"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91dfe"}, "link_type": ["article", "reference"]}, {"target": 2, "target_id": {"$oid": "581489aa79a8b704c4d7fbc4"}, "source": 26, "source_id": {"$oid": "5815434b79a8b722fa2bc252"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91dff"}, "link_type": ["article", "reference"]}, {"target": 11, "target_id": {"$oid": "58140a5a79a8b722d0e45caa"}, "source": 27, "source_id": {"$oid": "5818221579a8b71470af69f4"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91e00"}, "link_type": ["reference", "category"]}, {"target": 64, "target_id": {"$oid": "581543b479a8b722fa2bc283"}, "source": 27, "source_id": {"$oid": "5818221579a8b71470af69f4"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91e01"}, "link_type": ["reference", "category"]}, {"target": 55, "target_id": {"$oid": "57fe1d54dcba0f6a8b627081"}, "source": 28, "source_id": {"$oid": "5813f58979a8b71ed07c9222"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91e02"}, "link_type": ["project", "category"]}, {"target": 1, "target_id": {"$oid": "57fe1f2bdcba0f6a8b627158"}, "source": 28, "source_id": {"$oid": "5813f58979a8b71ed07c9222"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91e03"}, "link_type": ["project", "category"]}, {"target": 43, "target_id": {"$oid": "57fe1e02dcba0f6a8b6270d6"}, "source": 28, "source_id": {"$oid": "5813f58979a8b71ed07c9222"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91e04"}, "link_type": ["project", "category"]}, {"target": 63, "target_id": {"$oid": "581559d779a8b725efc18ed9"}, "source": 28, "source_id": {"$oid": "5813f58979a8b71ed07c9222"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91e05"}, "link_type": ["project", "article"]}, {"target": 40, "target_id": {"$oid": "5815599b79a8b725efc18e9d"}, "source": 28, "source_id": {"$oid": "5813f58979a8b71ed07c9222"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91e06"}, "link_type": ["project", "article"]}, {"target": 23, "target_id": {"$oid": "58181fbb79a8b71470af6968"}, "source": 28, "source_id": {"$oid": "5813f58979a8b71ed07c9222"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91e07"}, "link_type": ["project", "reference"]}, {"target": 54, "target_id": {"$oid": "5819438e79a8b712b85a329e"}, "source": 28, "source_id": {"$oid": "5813f58979a8b71ed07c9222"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91e08"}, "link_type": ["project", "reference"]}, {"target": 2, "target_id": {"$oid": "581489aa79a8b704c4d7fbc4"}, "source": 28, "source_id": {"$oid": "5813f58979a8b71ed07c9222"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91e09"}, "link_type": ["project", "reference"]}, {"target": 10, "target_id": {"$oid": "581555a179a8b725efc18d4c"}, "source": 29, "source_id": {"$oid": "5813fe6c79a8b720a6c2ea7b"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91e0a"}, "link_type": ["project", "category"]}, {"target": 55, "target_id": {"$oid": "57fe1d54dcba0f6a8b627081"}, "source": 29, "source_id": {"$oid": "5813fe6c79a8b720a6c2ea7b"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91e0b"}, "link_type": ["project", "category"]}, {"target": 43, "target_id": {"$oid": "57fe1e02dcba0f6a8b6270d6"}, "source": 29, "source_id": {"$oid": "5813fe6c79a8b720a6c2ea7b"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91e0c"}, "link_type": ["project", "category"]}, {"target": 42, "target_id": {"$oid": "57fedc7cf36d28111031b49f"}, "source": 29, "source_id": {"$oid": "5813fe6c79a8b720a6c2ea7b"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91e0d"}, "link_type": ["project", "reference"]}, {"target": 36, "target_id": {"$oid": "5813f10179a8b71ed07c91e0"}, "source": 29, "source_id": {"$oid": "5813fe6c79a8b720a6c2ea7b"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91e0e"}, "link_type": ["project", "project"]}, {"target": 55, "target_id": {"$oid": "57fe1d54dcba0f6a8b627081"}, "source": 30, "source_id": {"$oid": "581404ab79a8b720a6c2eadd"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91e0f"}, "link_type": ["project", "category"]}, {"target": 56, "target_id": {"$oid": "5815543679a8b725efc18d17"}, "source": 30, "source_id": {"$oid": "581404ab79a8b720a6c2eadd"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91e10"}, "link_type": ["project", "category"]}, {"target": 27, "target_id": {"$oid": "5818221579a8b71470af69f4"}, "source": 30, "source_id": {"$oid": "581404ab79a8b720a6c2eadd"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91e11"}, "link_type": ["project", "reference"]}, {"target": 47, "target_id": {"$oid": "5814b43079a8b70c77f8a71c"}, "source": 30, "source_id": {"$oid": "581404ab79a8b720a6c2eadd"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91e12"}, "link_type": ["project", "reference"]}, {"target": 15, "target_id": {"$oid": "5814893379a8b704c4d7fb4f"}, "source": 30, "source_id": {"$oid": "581404ab79a8b720a6c2eadd"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef94fdea0ca3f74a91e13"}, "link_type": ["project", "reference"]}, {"target": 2, "target_id": {"$oid": "581489aa79a8b704c4d7fbc4"}, "source": 30, "source_id": {"$oid": "581404ab79a8b720a6c2eadd"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef950dea0ca3f74a91e14"}, "link_type": ["project", "reference"]}, {"target": 0, "target_id": {"$oid": "57fe2331dcba0f6a8b6272c6"}, "source": 31, "source_id": {"$oid": "5815424579a8b722fa2bc1f4"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef950dea0ca3f74a91e15"}, "link_type": ["reference", "category"]}, {"target": 58, "target_id": {"$oid": "58191bcc79a8b70bbd30522b"}, "source": 31, "source_id": {"$oid": "5815424579a8b722fa2bc1f4"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef950dea0ca3f74a91e16"}, "link_type": ["reference", "article"]}, {"target": 36, "target_id": {"$oid": "5813f10179a8b71ed07c91e0"}, "source": 31, "source_id": {"$oid": 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"source": 53, "source_id": {"$oid": "5813f43079a8b71ed07c91ef"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef951dea0ca3f74a91e53"}, "link_type": ["project", "category"]}, {"target": 1, "target_id": {"$oid": "57fe1f2bdcba0f6a8b627158"}, "source": 53, "source_id": {"$oid": "5813f43079a8b71ed07c91ef"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef951dea0ca3f74a91e54"}, "link_type": ["project", "category"]}, {"target": 51, "target_id": {"$oid": "581815c979a8b71470af64ee"}, "source": 54, "source_id": {"$oid": "5819438e79a8b712b85a329e"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef952dea0ca3f74a91e55"}, "link_type": ["reference", "category"]}, {"target": 11, "target_id": {"$oid": "58140a5a79a8b722d0e45caa"}, "source": 54, "source_id": {"$oid": "5819438e79a8b712b85a329e"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef952dea0ca3f74a91e56"}, "link_type": ["reference", "category"]}, {"target": 2, "target_id": {"$oid": "581489aa79a8b704c4d7fbc4"}, "source": 54, "source_id": {"$oid": "5819438e79a8b712b85a329e"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef952dea0ca3f74a91e57"}, "link_type": ["reference", 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{"$oid": "5813ffd679a8b720a6c2ea92"}, "source": 63, "source_id": {"$oid": "581559d779a8b725efc18ed9"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef953dea0ca3f74a91e78"}, "link_type": ["article", "category"]}, {"target": 48, "target_id": {"$oid": "581407dd79a8b722d0e45c4c"}, "source": 63, "source_id": {"$oid": "581559d779a8b725efc18ed9"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef953dea0ca3f74a91e79"}, "link_type": ["article", "category"]}, {"target": 8, "target_id": {"$oid": "5815380b79a8b721c9abda76"}, "source": 64, "source_id": {"$oid": "581543b479a8b722fa2bc283"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef953dea0ca3f74a91e7a"}, "link_type": ["category", "category"]}, {"target": 56, "target_id": {"$oid": "5815543679a8b725efc18d17"}, "source": 65, "source_id": {"$oid": "5815369079a8b721937017e9"}, "_id": {"$oid": "59aef953dea0ca3f74a91e7b"}, "link_type": ["project", "category"]}, {"target": 3, "target_id": {"$oid": "5815361379a8b7210467cd7d"}, "source": 65, "source_id": {"$oid": "5815369079a8b721937017e9"}, "_id": {"$oid": 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